History Snapshot Topic

Change the title of this page to reflect your project topic; this change will automatically show up in your menu once you have saved it.

This is your Overview/Introduction page where you introduce your project topic, make connections between sub-topics, and introduce your group. Consider sharing an image of your group on this landing page.  This page must include:

  • Timeline of significant events
  • Biography of key players
    • Groups of people involved or impacted
    • Significant individuals and biographical information
  • Short paragraph introducing each topic, this should link to the individual sub-topic page
  • Original video reenactment that introduces the topic (optional but strongly encouraged).
  • About the authors (introduce the group)
    • Your name
    • Your hometown
    • Why you chose ODU
    • Interests/hobbies
    • A photo of you (or more!)
    • Any other fun things about you!

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