Create app that rates software. Yacht gps software that is secure. Breaking down possible security threats. Engineering computer software. Risk management. Security consultant. Ethical hacking to understand potential risks. Crypotographer. Use penetration testing. Read over documented logs. Information security analyst. Trace over paths of cyber attacks within a company. You can develop programs for companies.

The advancements in the internet and technology have created many opportunities for work place deviance. Most workplace deviance begins with social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, etc., these media outlets are usually accessed through cellular devices that almost everyone has nowadays. Most companies have their own network that they allow almost all employees on to, that in turn could produce workplace deviance through internal hacking, leaking of sensitive data about the company or about other individuals. Another issue that could come with the advancements in cyber technology could be the growing understanding of experts within the field being able hack their own or other companies, able to gain access to information about other employees, customer information, and company information or history that could be used against the company.