Determining the cost of the breach to a business, it all starts with how much information or data was compromised. On average, a business could spend up to four billion dollars due to losing out on personal information of their customers and other sensitive data. Along with that kind of financial lost, it could cause more potential lost with customers due to lack of trust that the company could secure their information from hacking. The benefit of investing in a cybersecurity plan is that it will help protect the data of its customers and employees, therefore allowing the company to grow and increase profit, it also allows a company to be prepared by deterring hackers due to the complexity of the hack. Outweighing the perks of the hack will push away potential threats because the time spent trying to break through will not be worth the information they gain.

There are a few ways to tell if your computer is safe and that starts with testing softwares, etc. The first way to keep your browsers updated, browser plug-ins, and make sure that even websites that are not being used frequently are updated. Another way is to test the settings on your computer, you can do this by using Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, this is used to test for problems with the settings. A third way would be to make sure that the firewalls on the computer are up to date and test the firewalls efficiency. The last way that I will add will be to permanently delete files that are not being used anymore. To ensure that the files were deleted you can check by downloading a file recovery program to clarify.