About Me:

Hola, my name is Chris Johnson. I am a senior hoping to finish my degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and this class is helping me achieve that goal. I had never taken a Spanish class before, but I have backgrounds in French, Latin, and German. My wife is fluent in Spanish and is a medical student who dreams of being capable of serving in a bilingual community. We are both intrigued by the spectrum of experiences and opportunities that abound in our neighboring countries to the south – we hope to travel the length of North and South Americas one day!


Wrapping up this fall semester, I feel privileged to have been able to take away as much as I have from this class. I had significant concerns about taking a language class virtually, but I believe that I have learned more than I ever would have if I were to have taken a class through software like Rosetta Stone or Babbel. This semester though definitely put me through my paces. In SPAN 102F, responsibility was placed on the student to truly invest the time and digest the material in their own way. This was quite different than the experience I had in SPAN 101F where it was more like taking a high school language class again. I quite enjoyed my time in this class as it has not only allowed me to grow in my cultural awareness, but it has even brought my wife and me closer together. I definitely plan to continue to develop my Spanish skills as we move forward. Doing so can only help expose me to cultures of which I had previously not been privy.


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