Top Artifact One

The archive item that I chose was Module three archive. I liked this activity the most because I enjoy looking and hearing people’s different perspectives on things. 

While taking the results for why do you agree with similarity leads to attraction? The results were because they already had things in common and they already agreed on things. What I learned while doing this assignment is that people seem to think that similarity leads to attraction because it’s easier to make decisions and to maintain that relationship. That surprised me because I thought people would dislike the fact it was easier. 

while taking the results for why do you agree opposites attract? The results were very similar between the two people I asked. They both said that it’s because you can learn new things from them and see a new perspective. Why people agreed opposites attract I completely agree with them. The results didn’t surprise me at all for that one.

I expanded my knowledge on this topic because I got to see both perspectives and I learned why people thought similarity leads to attraction.  

Song lyrics to Wouldn’t change a Thing- By Demi Lovato

I selected this image because It’s a song that’s talking about how opposites attract. This is relevant because the assignment is about how similarity leads to attraction and how opposites attract

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