Assignment 1 Takeaway

What I learned from assignment one is about the four heuristics in social psychology: representativeness heuristic, availability heuristic, anchoring & adjustment heuristic , and status Quo heuristic. This could apply to what I learned in my child psychology class last semester. When we were talking about why parents parent the way they do. The assignment was personally relevant to me… Read more →

EP: Blog 1

The course objectives will help me in the future by helping me detect certain behaviors while talking to people. My expectations for this course are hopefully I will pass. I would also hope to learn more about why people interact the way they do. I’m hoping to gain more knowledge and understanding of social psychology since I have huge interest in… Read more →

About Me

Hi my name is Tatiana Burley I currently attend Old Dominion University. I am a junior majoring in business management. My current academic goal is to pass all my classes. My current career goal is to open and run my own restaurant. The reason I am taking this course is because I am interested in psychology and also I need… Read more →