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Fall 2019

Mapping Police Violence

Mapping Police Violence is an online website created by three individuals:¬† Samuel Sinyangwe, Deray, and Brittany Packyetti. All are well known activist¬† who wants to bring awareness to what is happening in America with civilians and police. The website gathers… Continue Reading →

Wrong apartment or Wrong Color?

September of 2018 in Dallas, Texas an African American man named Botham Jean was fatally shot in his apartment by former Dallas police officer Amy Guyger. Guyger was recently found guilty a year later by a jury in October of… Continue Reading →

Content Proposal

During this semester I plan to write about the justice system and police brutality. More Specially, the innocent African Americans who lives were taken by men and women in uniform using excessive force. Most officers involved in these unfortunate events… Continue Reading →

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