Hello World! Welcome to my Cross-Cultural Psychology 420 Blog. My name is Earl Brown and here I will be creating a blog that is specific, detailed and creative. My interest in Psychology began when I took the time to plan career goals and I learnt that Psychology had a lot to do with its prescription  At first,  I really liked the idea of becoming a Psychologist because they earned a salary of about $100,000. What I didn’t know is what Psychology really defined. After taking a Developmental Psychology class at the undergraduate level I understood that Psychology is a real-life science that could help explain a lot of information about my growth and I could apply it to life. While learning Psychology has been all about me thus far. I think that this Cross-Cultural Psychology course will help diversify my understanding of Psychology meaning I may learn things that are not only about me but about the culture of Psychology. I plan to major in a BS in Psychology with a minor in Special Education.