Assignment Takeaway 4

In this assignment, I completed assignment 4. During this assignment, I wrote about the history of men and female gender roles. While this assignment sparked interest I learned about the way women are marketed in the media since the 18 century. I learned that women are gaining a spot in advertisement more recently because of the fight of equality for both men and women in the sphere of rights. I learned that men sphere-headed the movement with relation to politics and women soon followed as a plight to be recognized as a separate entity away from the man. With this wealth of a topic, I also compared the gender roles of women and men in North America and in Africa. I learned that while white women set the message for women by selecting consumer goods to advertise women in Africa are representative of word religion which represents a large grey area for the history of women in Africa both race of women carrying a separate message the advertisement of women roles has increased. I related to the use of gender roles but for me it is more complicated in North America because the abuse that women have seen. However, I think gender roles are being used differently they are being used as messages of hope instead of trying to directly compete with men they hace offered a softer message. This assignment was personally relevant because it provided a subject that was current and lead to common- found truths about different races and cultures. I liked this assignment because it required the use of research and history played a great deal applauding to both genders in the fight for gender equality


 gender roles women and men



I chose this image because I thought the definition of gender roles were important. This image gives the reader a chance to interact with the material and really a sponge knowledge in a normal way.

Assignment Takeaway 3

In this assignment, I wrote about an author name Andrew Montoya. In this assignment, I wrote about how Andrew’s health related to his writing he wrote about many topics including the titles ” Defusing Culture Shock”, “Living with a host Family”, and “Living with Food Allergies”. While reading his post I also learned some of the experiences that student goes through while planning a trip abroad like learning a new language. He helped me understand that that people could be compassionate or they could be stern when trying to shift through the correct grammar of a native language that could potentially save your life, especially when dealing with allergies. I also learned that there is a help when living abroad such as homestays that really help you like a family would do in the United States if you were from an Eastern Country. I really enjoyed Andrew’s blog because besides all of the topics he wrote on I noticed that his writing was subpar and this help me to learn how your English plays a big part of comprehension and the points you want to get across. In all of his information, I learned a brief bio about Andrew. i infer that he has had many years of educational training, especially in English because I replaced certain adverbs with other adverbs that made more sense it kind of made me wish that I had the same level of instruction he had especially in English.

spanish homestay image

spainish homestay image.docx


I chose this image because I felt like it was important to note similarities among families in spain and in the US. I also chose this image because I thought homestay’s are an important part of the cultural experience when traveling abroad and I really didn’t want to leave this one behind as anyone who has experience this type of event.

Assignment Takeaway 2

I conducted a research findings essay on Cultural Competence based on a self-assessment checklist. My essay presented information that was culturally relevant to my cultural understanding. My concluding paragraph wrote: In conclusion, cultural competence is a trend in education because it not only allows students to review personal bias and grievances, but it let us reexamine and understand why we came to those conclusions. By taking the cultural competency assessment I felt very strong about my scores and I understand that the discomfort I experienced was only part of a positive experience. Overall my strengths and weakness only highlighted the awareness, knowledge and skill I have about cultures. My experience with my instructors only proves that education is a bigger culture and that help is available by reaching out. Alternative ways I can further my intercultural competency is by participating in class discussions, assignments, and by seeking socialization with other cultures. What I learned about this assignment is that I have a unique  cultural identity and that I may have to change  my psychological stance on some of my viewpoints if I plan to become a professional in the mental health arena of psychology because do not want to unapologetically offend anyone who I view as inferior to my research findings.  Another way I can apply this assignment to other curricular experience is by comparing it my  Elementary Statistic class I could use a sampling method to see how my assessment differed from other student professionals. This assignment was culturally relevant to me because I could see where I can come across logic fallacies in the topic of racism and diversity.

cultural identity diagram jpng



I chose this visual graphic because the cultural identity concept was only self-discovered several times after I reviewed course assignment and that is what I really understood from the assignment, and I wanted to share the exact natural of cultural identity and the paradigms they convey.

Assignment Takeaway 1

During this assignment, I wrote about people who influenced me the most? This assignment fitted the criteria of being personally relevant to my academic progress because as you study and stay on top of your test you constantly need encouragement. While this assignment encouraged me it also made me reflect on who did actually influence me? In my paper I wrote:

The second person to greatly influence my life would be my friends I met at school. They influenced my life by providing examples of love. My friends helped me get through periods of depression in my childhood by providing friendships. They showed me the nature of life. I feel throughout the whole paper this was like a main concept that could influence a synopsis of my paper as with it being personally relevant.  This example helped me realized how friends are a good thing and a huge issue of mental health.

influence on others. jpeg



I chose the picture because it was representative of influence I thought it would be cool to get an unbiased visual on how people influence one another even though it seems like it a simple phrase of mind control,  it really isn’t and is a message of intelligence and trust.