Blog 11

            The question I asked in my video feedback was does my visual images contained in my ePortfolio enhance what I am trying to communicate to my audience? I asked this question because I wanted to make sure there weren’t any errors in communicating my point of view in the part of the assignment where it says to write a brief paragraph about our visual I originally thought that my paragraphs were not sufficient in length, but after gaining feedback I became more confident with my work. I think that the video feedback did help because it gave me an overview at how my ePortfolio would be viewed. I took advice and modified my blog with the advice given from the ePortfolio by correcting an error in the degree I mentioned I was completing. Originally, I mentioned that I was majoring in a BA in Psychology and a minor in Special Education, but I had to correct this information because ODU does not offer a BA in Psychology. Having an audience has impacted my work by me acknowledging my work as being valued and has an interest to other people.

Blog 10

I actually thought that this class would be easier but instead, this class was difficult only because of the course exams. I feel as though it was harder to achieve the course objectives because the exam didn’t really reinterpret what I read instead it focuses on the honing of statistical facts which were hard to complete because I did not know what to expect exactly. My attitude about Social Psychology has not changed but I think it allowed me to readjust and focus on complexity. If I was to take this course what would I change? I think I would this course offered I would take it on campus instead of online because I would be able to focus my notes on what is expected. A way I have grown over the last few months is to expect the unexpected even if I am unsure how to respond that way I can learn from history. A skill I have gained from this course is the ability to write. In the syllabus, the instructor mentions that this is going to be a crucial focus point while in college. So now I’ll use my ability to write better in my personal and professional life.



This image is representative of my over achievement in this course and represents emotion and perception. I chose this image because it represents the emotional perceptions of most of my blog post. In this picture, I was trying to give a detail account of when the light bulb was thinking at emotional comfort and peak performance.

Blog 9

Three things I’ve have learned in this course is exam preparation, values, and socially engaged and disengaged emotions. What I learned about exam preparation is that I am only as smart as the time I put into my classwork which includes study time so my best score will reflect those methodologies regardless of how well I perform on any of the exams. On the chapter on values, I learn that countries vary in the rating score of which values such as the Hostefede example although each country is fairly made I learn that you can compare score in each section based on the construction time frame of the country. The chapter on socially engaged emotions I learned that certain feeling is associated with socially engaged and disengaged this chapter applies  to my learning in the context of learning which culture is responsible for certain emotions such as in America pride and anger are shown as socially disengaged emotion and in Japan friendliness and guilt are shown as socially engaging emotion. The chapter on values related to my industrial psychology class as in this class we discussed collective and individualistic countries and in this class, we discussed in cultural psychology we talked about how collectivistic and individualistic coutries differed based on different reaserach statistics.


values. png


I chose this image because it says and list values by choosing this image I hoped to help my explanation standout and give the reader a visual of what I was trying to explain  about collectivistic and indiviualistic values that certain  countries have.

Blog 7

I think that fairy tales reflect a common set of cultural norms and values that are given in the literature analysis. I think that these norms are reflexive of younger culture and helps to simplify parental permissions. I think the potential impact of main character modeling egalitarian roles for younger children is a way for children to learn more on cultural norms. By learning these values in any fairy tale opens up valued life experience and helps share a common experience. I do think some of the material could come across as controversial but it really depends on parental advisory. An example of a movie that illustrates shared norms is “ The Princess Bride” in this movie it idolizes the concept of true love and uses it to fight in a mythical kingdom to be reunited.  Think the concept here teaches the younger audience that love over powers evil especially when lovers are reunited to restore this very concept. This message influenced me to believe that nothing exist without a bond and everyone is held accountable to what they believe in to some extent.

the princess bride.jpg





In this visual representation I hoping to give my reader look in the title of the movie to see what this movie has to offer and to help sway the reader into chosing my side of the argument.

Blog 5

  1. I am…a student who believes in perfect attendance when attending college. Independent. self
  2. I am… a hard worker. Independent. self
  3. I am…a lover of animals. interdependent self
  4. I am… a lover of mountain dew (Pepsi) brand soda. Independent self
  5. I am…usually a friendly person. interdependent self
  6. I am… a believer of Christianity. Independent. self
  7. I am…a reader of philosophy. interdependent self
  8. I am…a smoker. interdependent self
  9. I am… a good baker. interdependent self
  10. I am… an introvert. Independent  self

I completed this assignment by completing several sentences explaining myself in the context of the Independent construal of self and the interdependent of construal self. The independent construal of definition explain the this definition represents the construal of self represent your self as an unbounded entity. The interdependent construal of self represents the self construal that represents the connectedness of self that is unbounded when comparing self to others. I think it was relative easier to write expressions of my self for both construal of self I think the reason for this was because I did  not want to not be included. I think what reflects this is my culture I think I would be comsidered weird in a way if I did not but I really dont think I have any faults specifically that aligns with this assignment.

perfect attendance 1 .png


I chose this image because it help represents an example of the interdependent construal of self. By giving this illustration I hope to help the reader see that I understood the two definitions of self-construal.

Blog 4

I learned from Exam 1 that it is important to read and get through the test review so that I could score higher on the exam. What I didn’t understand is how to study? Do I write notes and just over them, and what do I do when I face assignment exhaustion? I feel like this is the only way I scored low on the exam but the information was relevant and I enjoyed reading chapters 1-4. i feel like the information related and introduced new concepts that brought the material alive. Even though I may have taken a dent on my final average I think that this information chapter 1-4  was needed throughout my major.

people working together. jpeg


I chose this visual because I thought that it was important to note that great results happen when people work together. i even thought that during the next schedule exam that maybe I could group study with a few people from my class if I can find the right resources before the exam.

Blog 3

I participated in the NEO personality test the results were fairly consistent. My scores read a ten in neuroticism. I agreed that I am secure, hardy, and generally relaxed even under stressful conditions. An example of this is I shower regularly and pick out clothes ahead of schedule making me comfortable most of the time. My score read a ten in extraversion. I agree that I am introverted reserved and serious. I prefer to be alone or with a few close friends. An example of this is I pay attention like in my math class to get assignments turned in on time. My score read a twenty in openness. I agreed that I am down to earth practical, traditional and pretty much set in your ways. An example of this is when I visit my family I am usually secure and comfortable so that I can enjoy whatever event that is occurring. My score read a thirty-five  in agreeableness. I agreed that I am compassionate, goodnatured, and eager to cooperate and avoid conflict.  An example is that I am disciplined and have good manners. My score read a forty in conscientiousness. I agreed that I am conscientious and well- organized. You have high standards and always strive to achieve your goals. I agree with the NEO personality test and an example is by my school work I always strive to complete assignments.



I chose these adjectives because these are adjective that reflect the type of person I am and because I wanted to have fun when I look back over my work over the years to come. Each word is meant to bring out another part of my personality or mood. I really had fun with this assignment.

Blog 2

A life value I can reflect on involves my overall mental health and it is “responsibility” – believing, and staying focus/aware so that I acknowledge all the good I am doing in my work and recognize all the effort and integrity I am putting and gaining from my studies culturally. My life experience made this possible because my life experience was based on being black and not having access to resources.    This is important because throughout it all I matured and showed growth and the thoughts I exited with were the belief in responsibility. This is all I decided when I decided to continue onto higher education or gaining four -year University access. I knew it would ultimately be my responsibility.  The role my parents played with me continuing my education was that they wanted to be there see me successful and this meant that they weren’t going to do the work for me I would have to do what is neccessary is to fulfil my dreams. Through some of my life experiences, professors  played an enormous role in my life and although I didn’t see them transparently.  They helped me to realize that I have to reflect on what is important to me and to realize that I have the talent to finish a college program.


college brochure pamphlet.jpeg


I choose this image because I wanted to give legal aid to my post so that it could stand out. This is a picture of a college brochure and it really is symbolic to represent life values, because those are found throughout your creativity and in this college brochure it was really a template so you could design any way you wanted to if I was to design my own was the idea.


Blog 1

After I reviewed the course syllabus I devised a plan to print pages 9-10 (course schedule) to keep up with the assignments due dates. I plan on using the syllabus to help me stay in contact with my instructor and teacher assistant as much as possible during this course just in case I have questions concerning the e-portfolio or concerns come up about my grades, also plan to use the syllabus to review the academic policy regarding the test.  I plan to learn the value of psychology this semester in this course. Strategies I plan to implement are critical reading and critical thinking. I think that in this course I will learn more general writing and reading skills and I think this will help my growth as a student here at Old Dominion University


cross- cultural. jpg



I chose this picture because I wanted to give the reader an eye into what I am studying in cross-cultural psychology this week. I did this by pronouncing the title of the first chapter. By doing this I wanted to accomplish the integrity of my work.