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Color & Emotion

Do you find any similarities or differences in the colors listed below? First, categorize the following 12 colors into groups, and state the rationale of your categorization.

Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Violet, White, Yellow

Category 1:Black, Blue, Brown, Gray

Rationale: Are colors that are rarely seen in women apparel

Category 2: Green, Orange, Pink, Purple

Rationale: Are color seen more common in fashion shows.

Category 3: Red, Violet, White, Yellow

Rationale: Are color associated with cleanliness


Write emotion words which you will associate with each of the following colors.


  1. Black: Boldness 7. Pink: Love
  2. Blue: Calmness 8. Purple: Wealth
  3. Brown: Uniqueness 9. Red : Hotness
  4. Gray: Calmness 10. Violet: Hunger
  5. Green: Growth             11. White: Peace
  6. Orange: Fruit 12. Yellow: Strength


Did you find any association between your categorization in (1) and the results of (2)?

Yes A lot of the color themes I chose had a lot to do expressiveness I think this was a concept that brought out the activity but when I read the assignment objective I found that the concept of envy was closely related with expressiveness even though my representation of the colors were dealing more with moods than behavior psychology.

Color representation jpeg


I enjoyed completing this assignment what I learned from this assignment is that once you have an opinion about this assignment before reading the second part is that the person is freer to think than being cued on what to think. I found that this activity is mediation for this type of reflection.

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What makes you happy? Do you think that at different times of your life, different things made you happy? Do you think your happiness relates to better physical health? Or do you think better physical health leads to your happiness?

Things that make me happy are getting to express my political views/ religion with different individuals. I think that at different times in my life different things never made me happy because I have always been on a quest for answers to can help me economically. I think that better physical health leads to my happiness for a variety of reasons because first, you have to be physically fit to enjoy any type of happiness.

Happy Image. jpeg


My takeaway from this assignment was the question itself and I think that I had a smart response. I really agreed that you have to be physically fit in order to be happy and this isn’t hard because we all are made with this type of prestige from the very beginning

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Self-construal and Emotion

Emotions can be classified into those that encourage independence of the self from others and those that encourage interdependence with others (Kitayama, Markus, & Matsumoto, 1995). Kitayama et al. have defined “socially disengaged emotions” as the emotions that tend to separate or disengage the self from social relationships and promote the perceived independence of the self from those relationships. On the other hand, they have defined “socially engaged emotions” as those that tend to assimilate the self in the relationship and enhance the perceived interdependence of the self with relevant others.

  1. Write five happy episodes or situations which you have experienced in the past.

(1) I graduated from a community college to a four-year University.

(2) I inherited 100 dollars.

(3) I purchased a new wardrobe.

(4)I celebrated Spring Break with family.

(5) I talked to someone about moving into a new place.

  1. Look at your responses again. Which episodes or situations do you think are associated with “socially disengaged emotions”? Which episodes or situations do you think are associated with “socially engaged emotions”? Write the numbers of the episodes.
  • Socially disengaged emotions:2,3,4

(b) Socially engaged emotions:1,5

socially engaged emotion pin.jpg


My takeaway from this assignment was it was fun to reflect on happy episodes that have occurred within the past 6 months. I learned that socially disengaged emotions are represented in the North American culture by pride and anger and in the Japanese culture it is represented by friendly feelings and guilt

Parental Values

  1. People should be evaluated by what they achieve in their life not by who they are not by who they are. Parental Value my discrepancies were I believe that people have a lot of freedoms and it should not be valued by either of the statements. I believe that both statements have educational value and both should be seen and studied in contrast to each other thereby valuing their similarities.
  2. We can not change our destiny. We should be satisfied by who we are and what we have at present. Parental Value my discrepancies were I believe that individuals do control their destiny and we should both be influenced by both statements. I believe that each statement is different and that individuals should not be tempted to believe in the first statement.
  3. In order to succeed in our life, we should go forward without looking back to our past mistakes. Parents Value. I don’t have any discrepancies with this statement. What I draw for this statement is I consider it to be the truth and it is a very inspirational statement.
  4. We should change our communication style depending on who we talk to and the context in which we are. Parental Value. I think the truth in this statement is it is true we should never limit our intellectual abilities.
  5. Even if it means to make an enemy, we should clarify our position by stating our own ideas and thought firmly. Parents Value I do not have any discrepancies with this statement it is something I firmly believe with. I believe that humans should be able to express themselves freely.
  6. When parent get older, it is children’s responsibility to take care of them by living with them? My Value. I do not have discrepancies I think that the individual should have a free mind when reading this statement because this statement is really a question of whether it applies to the person or family member.
  7. In order to enjoy our life, we should make as many friends as possible even if our relationship is not necessarily deep. My value I do not have any discrepancies with this statement it is just that this is a statement that is weighted by culture and you can only enjoy this statement if you can be culturally competent meaning it may have a different universalized meaning to other individuals.
  8. When we encounter some problem the first thing we should do is to ask an expert in the field for advice?  My value I think the discrepancy I have with this statement is that we should only take this statement as far as our ages if you are older you may be responsible for more but yes I definitely agree you have a problem you should ask for help especially an expert.
  9. In order to complete a project at work, efficiency is of utmost importance than teamwork. Parental Value I don’t have any discrepancies with this statement but I feel it is a hard statement to digest I think that work should be or have a certain model of work to follow but if the project requires teamwork it should be valued.
  10. Once they made a mistake, people tend to repeat the same mistake at least once. Parental Value I think that this statement is a statement that challenges the mind based on experience I think that this statement is false and you can’t know until it happens to n individual.


influential Factors.jpg


My takeaway from this assignment was parental values are consistent with what we already think and if we have differences of the opinion this assignment gave room for personal improvements to any one of these statements.


Culture for the 21st  Century

college culture.jpeg


I chose this picture to represent my culture because I believe culture is infused with what people are doing or including into daily activities. I chose this picture because I believe college has a lot to with people activities whether it is reading a book or going to the bar or looking for a career advancement opportunity it is involved in the college culture. Culture is the beginning of a learning experience in everyone’s lives so I illustrated a book to represent the culture of the twenty-first century.

What I learned from this assignment is that culture is representative of many things but that once you identify that you will have a better understanding of why you chose a certain theme to represent your viewpoint.