About Me

I’m a Human Services student and I was selected to be in the National Society of Leadership and success in the fall of 2018. I will be graduating this year fall of 2019, which happens to be my birthday as well. The journey here has been long and hard. Being that I dropped out in the ninth grade, this a huge accomplishment. When I first started my college career, I started out wanting to become a nurse. In fact, I finished all the prerequisites and was ready to start my clinical part of the degree program. However, by that time the lessons and things that had learned suggested that becoming a registered nurse was not for me. So here I am a mother of four that has fought her way through adversity and discrimination. With one objective in mind and that is I am not a “statistic”.

I’m not sure as to where my journey will take me. However, one thing I know for sure is that my walk is not mine but that of Gods. I will continue on the path that I am on and wherever my feet take me I will continue to pray and ask that my knowledge and experience help those that are in need.