Measuring and Evaluating Resilience

October 11, 2019

Multi-purpose Room TED Constant Center

Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA 23508

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Organizational Criteria to Assess Adaptive Capacity in Complex Systems

Abdulrahman Alfaqiri, Old Dominion University

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Promoting Resilience through Military-Locality Coordination

Ben McFarlane, Hampton Roads Planning District Commission

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Linda Brennen, Monmouth County, New Jersey

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David Imburgia & Lucy Stoll, City of Hampton, Virginia

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Living with Water – Creating Opportunities to Advance Resilience in New Orleans

Bernadette Callahan, Stantec

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Evaluating Resilience in Different Contexts: Insights from Florida

Hannah Torres, Old Dominion University

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Measuring resiliency: it’s more than just math

Dr. Lynette Cardoch, Moffat and Nichol

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The RAFT: Resilience Adaptation Feasibility Tool

Rhiannon Bezore, Old Dominion University/ Virginia Sea Grant Resilience Program

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Disaster Resilience = Recreational Opportunities

Kimley- Horn Team

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RISE 2018/2019 Coastal Community Resilience Challenges

Paul Robinson, RISE

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