Resilience and Environmental Quality

October 19, 2018

Clark Nexsen Meeting Room

4525 Main Street, Suite 1400, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

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The Envision Decision

Allyson Monsour & John Parkinson,  Clark Nexsen

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Retail resilience: site-scale resilient coastal design approaches using WEDG (Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines)

Kate Boicourt,  Waterfront Alliance

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Chesapeake Bay Marsh Change under Sea Level Rise

Molly Mitchell,  Center for Coastal Resource Management, VIMS

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Marsh Response to Sea Level Rise in Virginia Beach

Alaurah Moss,  Dewberry

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At the Intersection of Land Conservation and Resilience: The Elizabeth River’s Urban Land Trust

Mary Caron Stiff,  Wetlands Watch

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Engineering with Nature and Use of Natural and Nature-Based Features to Reduce Risk and Provide Enhanced Coastal Protection

Georganna Collins,  Ecology and Environment

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Anacostia Resilience; Lessons learned from the recently ‘built’, ‘designed’ and ‘planned’ along DC’s Other River

Ryan Bouma,  AECOM