The Latest in Sea Level Rise and Flooding Science

July 29, 2016

 Old Dominion University Peninsula Higher Education Center, Hampton, VA 23666

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 Speaker Presentations

NOAA/National Weather Service Updates

Total Water Level and Wave Run Up Forecast

Eric Seymour, Senior Hydrologist, National Weather Service,  Wakefield Office

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Elevation Data and Mapping Updates

Doug Marcy, Coastal Hazards Specialist, NOAA Office for Coastal Management

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The Science of Sea Level Rise and the Impact of the Gulf Stream

Tal Ezer, Old Dominion University

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Risk of Extreme Events

Don Resio, University of North Florida

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Street Level Predictive Modeling of Nuisance Flooding in Norfolk, VA

Derek Loftis, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Subsidence Monitoring in Hampton Roads Using Satellites

Ben Hamlington, Old Dominion University

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