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Journal Entry #6

As we all know, cyber attacks are on the rise as technology keeps evolving. The approach of cyber policies and infrastructure should depend on the risks and vulnerabilities a company has. The NIST cybersecurity framework is a very useful guideline… Continue Reading →

Journal Entry #5

Computers have changed the game of technology to a whole different level. Computers have made the world safer by helping to increase international relations, providing medical assistance and aiding in the finding of criminals. These electronic devices have made it… Continue Reading →

Journal Entry #4

Developing cyber security programs in businesses is crucial and very beneficial to society. There are many costs and benefits of investing in a cyber security program in a company. First off, there is a range of minimal costs to high-priced… Continue Reading →

Freewrite #2

Create a private network that only my consumers can access Yearly backups of all my company’s data Build a hardware firewall for my networks business Encrypting codes for a popular company Recommending actions companies should take after having a cyber… Continue Reading →

Journal Entry #3

Cyber technology is not technology itself but it is the people. The people use the network, software and computers to their advantage. Cyber security in the workplace creates an environment where people get accustomed to certain risks and vulnerabilities their… Continue Reading →

Eporfolio Journal Entry #2

Companies are constantly at risk this day in age due to the technological advances society has reached. Electronic information stored in a companys database concerning consumers and members personal information are very valuable. Cyber criminals will perform any cyber attack… Continue Reading →

Eportfolio Journal Entry #1

The major I chose to pursue here at Old Dominion University is cyber operations. It relates to cyber security technology by being described as a deeply technical program with opportunities for hands-on learning with technical labs and practices. Techniques emphasized… Continue Reading →

Freewrite Activity

If someone was to type in “Ashley Barasebwa” on the Google search bar and press enter, they would see the outcome of my academic and athletic experiences. A Prezi powerpoint of my Beauty and the Beast assignment would pop up,… Continue Reading →

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