Tyisha Williams

My name is Tyisha Williams. I’m 20 years old and from Farmville, Virginia. This is my third year at ODU and I am double majoring in Psychology and Human Services. I lived on campus for my first two years but this semester I decided to stay home and take online courses due to financial reasons. I just started working at Lowe’s about a week ago and so far it’s going well.

As far as goals go, my main priority right now is to finish up all my classes and graduate by at least the fall of 2019. After I graduate I plan attending grad school although I’m not sure where. My ultimate goal is to become a Counseling Psychologist. I’m also saving up to buy a new car and move back to Norfolk.

The reason I decided to take this course is because it came highly recommended by multiple people and I also needed it. Psychology is something that I love and I want to have a well-rounded view and learn as much as I can.

Me !

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