In MET 330 you will be introduced into inner workings of the fluids that exist in our world. We will be focusing on the the forces acting upon them and how to design various mechanical systems around them.Describe what you expect to learn in this class. We will start small and learn the basics of pressure and viscosity and set the ground work to build upon. Then you will about THE ALL POWERFUL Bernoulli’s Equation as the main center piece of the course. As the semester continues we will build and expand upon Bernoulli’s equation with the many energies added and removed into the system. When the class is over you will be able to calculate and design a working fluid system.


If you have taken a liking to fluid systems and look to broaden your knowledge I highly recommend the MET 440 Heat Transfer course.




You will be asked to take pictures (please, do not download any from the internet). With the pictures you took, use one you like and please alter the header image by selecting “Customize” and “Header Image.”

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