This probably doesn’t surprise many readers, but it did amaze me: poetry is a big inspiration for classical composers. Really this should not have come as a revelation to me, considering that I know creativity can strike without warning and its foundation can be anything. Especially when regarding that much of the Blank collection is filled with scrap pieces of paper with a couple of music notes hastily scribbled upon it. So, like many composers before and after him, Allan Blank heard music while reading poetry.

Some of the most popular poets to receive musical treatment are William Shakespeare, William Blake and Emily Dickinson. Upon viewing the collection, Allan Blank also tackled Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman and a range of playwrights. Yet, a more playful side of the composer becomes apparent when finding sketches for Nursery Rhymes and a poem by C.P. Cranch titled “An Old Cat’s Confessions”.

I am continually astonished by the creative process and look forward to discovering new facets of Allan Blank’s work.