Very recently, a new digital sheet music e-reader was released by Terrada Music. This device, called the Gvido, enables musicians and composers to edit scores, download thousands of materials and turn pages without touching the tablet. The new e-reader, along with apps are changing how composers interact with music scores.

Digital sheet music is not a new phenomenon, it can be traced back to the 1980s beginning with notation software. Over time, developments in the field of music editing have included digital libraries, handheld tablets and apps. With the advent of the Kindle, musicians could bring their sheet music anywhere and the Musicnote application gives composers freedom to manipulate. Now, the Gvido is the next stage in the marriage between technology and music creation.

While I can’t answer whether, or not Dr. Blank would have liked digital sheet music readers, I do see these emerging technologies as beneficial to a new generation of composers. I am excited to see where technology takes music next, however I can appreciate the beauty of a scripted score. Now I will return to a collection filled with thousands of handwritten pieces.

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