Melodies from Around the Wold for Two B Clarinets by Allan Blank

One of my favorite aspects of my job is finding connections. Today, I opened a new box to process and was greeted with the score “Melodies from Around the World”. The pages tugged at my memory and I realized that I had heard, at least a few works, before.

In March of last year, I was hunting for ways to listen to Allan Blank’s compositions after missing a concert held at ODU. Courtesy of Youtube, I found “Selections from “A Melodic Tour for Two Clarinets” – Allan Blank, posted by Laura Moak and shared it on the Allan Blank Papers blog. The video (wow, I just dated myself…) showcases three sketches: Entrance Hymn of the Emperor, Is it the Priest You Want?, and Hound Dog Song.

Entrance Hymn for the Emperor

Is It the Priest You Want?

The Hound Dog Song


Now, I can see the piece in its entirety, it includes 19 sections of folk songs and according to the background, was originally written for students.

Sources for Melodies from Around the World

Makh Tsu Di Eygelekh





Right after finishing the entry for “Melodies from Around the World”, I move onto the next score in the box and to my astonishment find that it too is featured on Youtube. The piece is “Makh Tsu Di Eygelekh” (posted by AlbanyRecordsUSA) and translates to English as “Close Your Precious Eyes”. Perhaps, I will encounter more connections as a process this box. As always, I will keep you updated on any extraordinary finds!