‘J.S. Bach Choral Works’ book, the Allan Blank Papers Collection

What I find interesting is that music is continually evolving, yet musicians continually find inspiration in the works of their forerunners. Love and loss continue to be themes across genres, and classical compositions continue to be used by modern artists.

Click HERE to read a fascinating piece about pop musicians using classical works.

Yet, let us return to the topic of today’s post: Mr. Blank’s interpretation of Mr. Bach’s work (It would be a tragedy to let all that good alliteration go to waste!)

Michael Church once wrote: “Since Bach constantly reworked his own music, it’s always been seen as fair game that others should do so, too.” Well, Allan Blank must have agreed with this sentiment since he began to make notes in the margins of ‘J.S. Bach Choral Works’.  Mr. Blank pointed out patterns he found in Bach’s compositions, mentioned changes he would like to make in tempo, wrote that a “Solo and Chorus” work should be led by a Tenor. From these notes, Allan Blank created a new rendition to a classical piece.


Notes written by Allan Blank in the book ‘J.S. Bach Choral Works’

During my processing, I have found one complete arrangement (I’m sure there are more to come) by Allan Blank from Bach’s “Jesu Nun Sei Ge Priest”.  Along the way, Mr. Blank also created new arrangements for the works of Beethoven, Schoenberg, and Shostakovich. What new arrangements will be inspired by Allan Blank I wonder? I’ll let you know what I find!