My first stop on my road trip to Richmond is Emek Sholom Holocaust Memorial Cemetery to pay my respects to Allan Blank. In the early morning, the cemetery is quite and peaceful. Not a place of deep mourning, but one of rest. Buried in a double grave with his wife Margot, Mr. Blank is interred in a portion of the cemetery reserved for survivors and those with ties to the Holocaust.

Monument listing Emek Sholom Holocaust Memorial Cemetery as apart of the National Register of Historic Places

“Emek Sholom” means “Valley of Peace”

I decided to leave behind flowers as a thank you to Mr. Blank. Many years ago, I read that a yellow rose symbolizes friendship. By leaving behind this boutique, I hope that he can see how his generosity has changed my life for the better.


If you are still with me kind readers, we are on to the next stop…Virginia Commonwealth University, where Allan Blank taught from 1978 till retirement in 1996!