The last stop on this Richmond Road Trip adventure takes us back to the Virginia Commonwealth University campus.

W.E. Singleton Center for the Performing Arts is the administrative offices of the music departments and theater departments. Not only that, but the building also contains rehearsal rooms, theater and a box office.

This building differs from the James W. Black Music Center in that it focuses on the administration duties of the arts, while the Black Music Center focuses on the teaching aspect. Yet, in both buildings music can be heard floating through the halls and even felt through the walls.



So ends my road trip to Richmond. I want to thank again Old Dominion University Special Collections and Archives, as well as the Allan Blank Fund for making this research trip possible. Also, I would like to thank the Virginia Commonwealth University Special Collections, the Virginia Holocaust Museum and especially Melissa Marrion.

Tomorrow I will be once again surrounding myself with Allan Blank’s music compositions (only seventeen more boxes to process!) and feeling even more connected to a man I have never met. What I have learned is that Mr. Blank was intensively private, guarding his personal life and protective of his music. He was sweet, devoted to preserving his wife’s artistic work and legacy. And most surprising, is that he seems to have had a whimsical streak.

Lastly, I want to thank Allan Blank for giving me the opportunity to preserve and learn from his life’s work.