My empty folder organizer, ready for sketches, scores and ephemera!

This past November has been a busy month! Sadly, my blogging was pushed aside in favor of a big research request, but now I’m back and ready to start a new box.

My first impression is that this box is heavy! A quick flip through the first few pages leads me to believe that I will find incredibly varied works. So far,  I’ve seen a full instrumental score, a sketch written on the back of a sample ballot from 1976 and grade report sheet from Lehman College.

Later this week, I will be joined by a coworker from the Diehn Composer’s Room as she shadows me to learn the art of archival processing. As I guide her through what it takes to process a box, I will also document our progress in order for you, dear reader, to feel like you are apart of the processing as well! Until my next post!

Before I forget! Happy Holidays!