Sometimes even the best laid plans face obstacles and unforeseen challenges. Scheduling conflict were probably the most used terms this week, thus my colleague from the Deihn Composer’s Room was not able to join me in processing the newest Allan Blank box. While I do not have a set timeline for when she will be able to shadow, my hope is within the next week…Please stay tuned, I plan on posting lots!

Well, I did begin going through the newest box (I do feel a bit guilty for not waiting…like a kid shaking a present before Christmas).

Sorry, curiosity got the better of me!

There, peeking out from under a mountain of sketches was a bright purple sliver. How did it get there, I said with a quiver. Lifting the papers high, careful to keep original order. Again, there I saw that bright purple border. Can you guess the surprising find? I wonder if it is one of a kind? Right there in front of me bright purple, gold, black and white…was a record album which was out of sight!

I hope you enjoyed the poetic interlude! Perhaps I become a bit too carried away thinking about the holidays, Wallace Stevens and poetry…I should be very grateful for my employment, a poet I am not.