Supplies came in and look at what I got! Gigantic folders!

At an impressive 16W x 20H the gigantic folder eclipses the standard 11W x 10H folder

Now, Reader I know what you are thinking: “Really random internet archivist, those folders seem a bit excessive.” Not to worry kind Reader, I answer. Just look at what the folders will be holding!

Composer Scores!

“Wait random internet archivist, how will those gigantic folders fit into standard boxes?” I, a very excited random internet archivist explain: They won’t! Just look at the even more gigantic boxes I ordered for the folders!

Gigantic box: 19W x 25L

“Oh my random internet archivist, why on Earth do you need such gigantic folders and boxes?” PRESERVATION! I cry at the top of my lungs (not really, this is a library for goodness sake).

A folder that can fully encase composers scores, such as these, provide stability. Smaller folders can work, especially if your only concern labeling for identification. However, the top of the score will not be protected leaving the artifact open to bending and tears. Traditional upright boxes (Hollinger style) for materials this large will not fit on our shelving, thus flat boxes are required.

Think of it this way, kind Reader: How would you feel if you wore shoes that were a couple of sizes too small for your feet? Your feet would not be protected from the elements, your toes would bend at odd angles and would most likely tear. Basically, archival materials need folders and boxes that fit. That is why…I LOVE BIG FOLDERS AND I CANNOT LIE!