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Arrangements by Allan Blank

What is an “Arrangement” in music? Essentially, arrangements are the reorganization of an already created work through the altering of orchestration, structure, transitions and themes. Arrangements are often referred to as Cover Versions and can encapsulate instrumental updates, lyrical changes… Continue Reading →

Here’s a Rhyme to Save Time!

I’m not going to lie, I was absolutely confused when I saw a score that began with a bass clef. How on earth was I going to classify composition starting with a bass clef? Was it even a score? Was… Continue Reading →

Lost in the Music, or How I Learned Musical Terms

As I stated before, I have a very rudimentary knowledge of music and its composition. Armed with only with the basics, I feel enormously happy when I stumble across a musical reference I recognize. However, more often I find my… Continue Reading →

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