According to a study conducted at Emory University Health Sciences Center, condom use errors are common among college-age males. The basic highlighted issues from this study were the following:

  • Not checking the condom before sex (74%)
  • Neglecting to check the expiration date (61%)
  • Not having a conversation about condom  use with the partner before sex (60%)

In addition, various technical errors were found, including:

  • Putting on the condom after initiating sex (43%)
  • Removing the condom during sex (15%)
  • Not leaving space at the tip of the condom (40%)
  • Placing the condom on upside down on the penis and then flipping it over (30%)

How can we confront this dilemma?  Should we have programs on campus that teach individuals how to properly use a condom?  Is this an issue only men should address and should feel responsible for?  What do you think?



KIBS is currently a student in WMST 495, Sexing the Body. Chime in with your thoughts in the comments section!