I’m excited to share that I will be spending a week at the University of Colorado at Boulder as the  Jim and Diane Shneer Fellow in Post-Holocaust American Judaism. During this time, I will be conducting research in their archives and at the end of my fellowship residency, I will offer a public colloquium on “Renewing Her Body: The Body as a Feminist Ritual Text in the Jewish Renewal Movement, 1970-2017.”

For more information about this event and to see some of the publicity for my fellowship and colloquium, see below! I’m grateful for the University of Colorado at Boulder and especially the Shneer Family’s support of my research!

— Amy Milligan



Colloquium with Professor Amy Milligan

Open to CU faculty, staff, and students.

One of the ways Jewish women have navigated a patriarchal religious system is through their engagement with what folklorists identify as “symbol sets.” Within Judaism, there exist a number of significant symbols that are utilized within religious life and practice. These significant symbols are steeped in maleness, particularly when the symbols are utilized on the physical body (for example, yarmulkes, tallisim, tefillin, beards).

In this study, consideration is given to the Jewish feminist reclamation of the literal physical body in the Renewal Movement and synagogue life, questioning how women can articulate their intersecting identities through embodying of their Yiddishkeit, and how Jewish feminists use their bodies as subversive canvases to claim space. These actions reflect a nuanced navigation of Jewish law, allowing women to amplify their voices in a context that might otherwise silence them.

Thursday, October 12 | 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
RSVP to CUJewishStudies@colorado.edu for location and pre-circulated reading.