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Sex! It’s a beautiful thing but at the same time it can be objectionable. The great thing about knowing our bodies is knowing when it’s safe to engage in something. So with that being said, the question is; “How do I know when I’m ready to have sex?” Those 10 words right there formulate a life changing question/upcoming decision and not to mention a little bit of anxiety on the side. The thought of sex can be so overwhelming that we sometimes misconstrue our body language, notions, and most important emotions.

Now this is where that lovely phrase your mother has warned you about “peer pressure” comes along. She warned you about it once you experienced your first menstrual or the day she cried taking you to the store to get your first training bra, but you decided not to take her advice seriously because you assumed that the last time she had sex was in the stone ages. So instead you turn to your best friend’s older sister or perhaps even cousin asking them what magical stories they had and how you can experience them too. But the truth is that every sexual experience is NOT, I repeat, ladies, not the same! And no I’m not saying this because I didn’t get my boat rocked. I’m saying this because every female has to be emotionally ready to engage in a life changing activity.

Many of us females fail to realize that peer pressure comes in many different forms. From campaigns on the big screen to our own friends “persuading” us to do it all falls in the line of peer pressure. You might think that your bestie or your boo thing has your best interest but that not always necessarily the case. You can be lured into what seems to be an “innocent engagement” and have your back blown out on the bathroom floor ten minutes later. Look sis even if he says “Let me just give you a massage”, or “Let me just put the tip in” it is a trap. Do yourself a favor and spare yourself the remorse you’ll be feeling if you give in to sex especially if you’re not ready.

Although we sometimes don’t believe the crazy stories we hear about people losing their virginities, the truth is every story is being told for a reason; it holds moral and truth. With that being said the truth is you will find yourself being pressed to have sex swindled or charmed. Being aware of the chemistry you share with your partner and let that determine how you can move on and properly initiate safely making the next step. With that being said ladies, don’t let anybody determine when it’s time for you to lose your virginity.


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— DM

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