Check out one of the information campaigns for STD awareness created by students in WMST 495/595: Sexing the Body. This is an example of a information sheets created for student health centers.

Molluscum Contagiosum Info Sheet

  • It is an STI and it is a virus that can be spread through sexual and also non-sexual contact with another person. A person can acquire Molluscum Contagiosum from sex toys, clothing, etc.
  • Possible symptoms are dimpled bumps that are shiny, smooth and usually white on the genitals or trunk area on a person. The bumps can get up to a size of an erasure. An itchy sensation typically accompanies the bumps.
  • The symptoms can possibly go away within a year sometimes without treatment and a physician can remove the bumps if needed. Molluscum Contagiosum can move to a more serious infection if not treated.
  • To protect yourself from this STI is to use a latex condom when having sex. Wash your hands frequently and to not share used towels or other personal items. But since it can be contracted through non-sexual contact there is no way to fully protect yourself from the virus.

For more information check out this website!:

Bacterial Vaginosis Info Sheet

  • Occurs in sexually active women and it is a STI
    • Foul odor coming from vagina
    • Many women are embarrassed of the odor and itching
    • Caused by a build up in bad bacteria/normal balance is altered (douching)
    • Any women can get it ages 15-44
    • Ways to prevent include: not having sex, limiting sex partners, and not douching.
  • Pregnant?
    • Babies are more likely to be premature with low birth rates less than 5.5 pounds (
  • Symptoms?
    • Thin white discharge
    • Strong-fish like odor
    • Burning
    • Itching
  • Can it be Cured?
    • Antibiotics
    • Natural ph balancing of body

You can find more information about bacterial vaginosis on




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