As soon as I was born I was already known as “gorda” in Spanish but in English meaning fatty. I was a 9 pound newborn and ever since my family has called me gorda. Growing up I was known as the fattest infant to toddler. I was never overweight but I had chubby cheeks, big arms, and a tummy. As I got to finishing elementary school I had lost all the extra weight I had and was kind of slim. I think I got more concerned on how I looked once I entered middle school. I know at this age you really don’t worry about your weight but I did because I was insecure. I always thought about how others looked at me and what they thought about me. As stated in Grogan, “it has been suggested recently that body dissatisfaction and preference for a thin body shape may even start younger.” (Williamson and Delin, 2001) I wasn’t fat but I always saw myself in the mirror and realized that I didn’t have that flat stomach celebrities had.

As I was growing up I always watched reality tv shows like Hannah Montana, That’s so Raven, and or soap operas. I wanted my body to be like Hannah Montana or another well known celebrities just like the article states “body shape role models for these boys were television and movie celebrities rather than their peers.” (Grogan 142) I wanted all their clothes and I would even buy magazines to place them in my bedroom wall to say “goals”. I was obsessed with celebrities that were around my age. I would try my mom to get me nice clothes, shoes, and accessories that I thought they wore.  I was very fortunate to have my parents give me anything I wanted growing even if that meant buying me $80 sneakers. I was so concerned about my body growing up because I wanted to fit in with other girls. Ever since I was little my parents taught me to always be honest and humble that has stuck with me until now, but I wasn’t a very out going person. I had a difficult time fitting in with other girls because I was always was quiet and kept to myself. The article talks about how body concerns are the most important worries in a teenage girl’s life. And that is what I exactly I thought. I believed that maybe if I had a nice body and nice clothes my classmates would talk to me more or even invite me to sit at their table.  I honestly thought everyday what I was going to wear the next day to school to impress my class and mostly to fit in somewhere. I then got to high school and my mind as well as my body were changing. I didn’t think about my body much entering high school I kind of just went with the flow. As junior year of high school was near I started to look at myself in the mirror and realized that I did not like what I saw. I wanted a flat stomach but I had those extra rolls around my stomach that I hated so much. I then decided to enter a physical sport in hopes that I would lose weight or just get a toned body. I joined the girls soccer team and it was probably one of the best decisions I did in high school. Not only did I make new friends but I was able to love my body. We did hardcore exercises that made you sweat so much. Throughout the whole training of the season I came to the conclusion that I may not have the perfect flat stomach like celebrities but I have the body that I am satisfied with. For the rest of high school I learned to love myself for who I am and not caring of what others thought of me. I was able to give myself the confidence to wear tight fitting clothing without the regret of wanting to take it off in order to wear something to cover myself up. I also got the confidence from team members as well as my family members. Society today thinks beauty is have an hourglass figure, nice body features, or nice appearance but really everyone’s conception of beauty is different. We should all loves ourselves for who we are and embrace what we have because you never know, someone might want something you have and they don’t have that.

Marilyn Velasquez is currently a junior at Old Dominion University majoring in fashion merchandising graduating in the Fall of 2018. She is a very creative person and shopping is one of her favorite things to do, even though she knows she shouldn’t. She loves fashion because it gives you the chance to express yourself through clothes which made her choose her major. Besides fashion, she is a big coffee lover.