Psychology focuses on the interaction between mind and behavior. How a person thinks, memory, and perception all affect a person’s behavior. The use of the body physically expresses the work of our brains. Body studies explores the relationship with the body such as dress, body modifications, and body supplements.  Nothing we do is done without our brain, which is the link between psychology and body studies.

Have you ever heard of someone saying, “look presentable?” – meaning to put yourself together to look good enough or suitable for any occasion. It is believed that when we put on clothes we adopt some of the characteristics associated with our clothing. For example, when it’s time to attend a business meeting, it would be best to dress in business attire, which can alter the way we speak and even our body language. The term “enclothed cognition” describes the system of wearing clothes and assuming that identity. Clothes can change the way you see yourself and even the way you think. That also means the way you think and view yourself can influence what you wear. Someone that is not satisfied with their appearance may try to cover themselves up with oversized clothing or clothing that is black so they won’t be noticed.

Fashion is a way to express yourself. Wearing an outfit should be fun and a reflection of one’s personality, with a focus on individuality and not looking appealing to someone else’s eyes. Mood and confidence play a role in how you choose your outfits. When happy, it’s likely that an outfit with bright colors or patterns would reflect what’s going inside. Or even wearing bright colors when your down in hopes of improving your mood.

Social media outlets have had a great amount of influence over the world within the past few years. Society standards of attractiveness have caused many to perform appearance management behaviors. Body modifications, such as cosmetic surgery, tattooing and piercing, and dieting are the extents people are going to change their appearance, whether it being for themselves or to please others. Experimental research has exposed social and cultural norms to be the link to greater dissatisfaction with the body. Due to society standards, people have been convinced enough to make permanent and temporarily adjustments to their bodies to fit into this world, meaning society has affected these people mentally.

Some would say that body studies (especially fashion) and psychology have no correlation, that what you put on that day was a random selection, or that people go through with body modifications because that’s what the new trend is.  What they don’t know is our bodies reveal what we conceal. What’s going on inside of us will always make its way out. Nothing we do is done without our brain which is the link between psychology and body studies.

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Kie’Auntae Parsons is a student in WMST 495, “Gender, Fashion, and the Body.”