The body is something some people are comfortable talking about while others do not have much interest. I think the body is something really interesting because we all embody ours in a unique way. I am currently studying fashion and the body has a crucial role in this industry: not only how the clothes are portrayed on a body but why. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself through clothes. We all have different tastes and that is what makes us one-of-a-kind. It is also a way of showing others who we are a person and to represent some of your personality.

Bodylore ties to my job interest in fashion not only due to the fact that clothes have to go on a body but in analyzing the meaning of the clothes. The fashion industry makes it seem like we have to have our bodies shaped or displayed a certain way, when in reality we don’t. We, as human beings, have been taught that we need to try to be like others.  We think that if we dress a certain way it gives us status or membership in a certain group. Fashion can be glamorous and fun, but it can hurt our own self-esteem. We can tell ourselves that we don’t have the body to wear this or wear that. Yet we still are able to have the determination to not listen to the fashion stereotypes and learn to appreciate our own bodies.

I think some of the stumbling blocks for people that want to do body studies in fashion are that we criticize people and suggest that we won’t agree with their point of view. Some designers ] might not be taken seriously because nowadays people think it’s a joke or not relevant. I think it is not taken seriously due to the fact that in today’s society everything is a joke. Maybe it’s the time period we are living in, but it feels like everything a person does – good or bad- gets criticized.

I think the studies of the body are important in fashion because we are adding value to ourselves by the clothes we wear. We want our bodies to be how we want them to be and how they appear to other people. Not only is it the most important thing we own but it’s the most delicate thing to talk about. Not a lot of people like talking about their bodies because they are not comfortable in their own skin or don’t think their body is important to them. A lot of people, I believe, don’t care about their bodies because they think they will be judged on how their body looks and what they wear. I feel that people think certain clothes only go on a slender body. For example, people think only crop tops go for girls or women that are skinny and have a flat stomach. This makes girls that are a bit bigger uncomfortable not being able to buy crop tops because they think it is not made for their body. That stereotype has to go out the door now. Anyone can wear a crop top if they desire to and not feel like they will get criticized. In an article called “Plus size, is a meaningless term, and brands should start to do away with it” it states how brands categorize women that wear plus size in their own little category. They tell plus size women not to wear bright colors or clothing with lines. The CEO of a women’s online fashion retailer says that these stereotypes are something to laugh about and that women are breaking the rules. One of their best sellers is a rainbow stripped dress for plus size women. The writer of the article says that brands should show plus sized women that they are capable of wearing anything they desire on their body and that these stereotypes should die out. This is so true because every woman should feel beautiful in their own skin and strut what they have been given. If someone doesn’t like a certain person wearing something then they should be worried about themselves rather than others.

Fashion is something seen differently by many people. Some may say fashion is important to their lives because it makes them who they are and others may think fashion Is overrated. Everyone has a unique body, fashion is just of way of showing it off and being proud of it.

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Marilyn Velasquez is currently a junior at Old Dominion University majoring in fashion merchandising graduating in the Fall of 2018. She is a very creative person and shopping is one of her favorite things to do, even though she knows she shouldn’t. She loves fashion because it gives you the chance to express yourself through clothes which made her choose her major. Besides fashion, she is a big coffee lover.