Brown, brown is the color of me

My brown skin is so bold, chocolate and sweet

My brown skin is just a color

It doesn’t not make me any more or less better than others


My skin is from my ancestors a combination of my father and mother

I should be proud of my skin just like those of different colors …

Anika Williams is a Communications major with a double minor in Marketing and Film. She is interested in film and advertising and hopes to pursue a career with those aspects in the near future.  She is very involved on the campus of ODU serving in many roles. She is a Resident Assistant, a mentor, the Vice President of the organization SWL (Success Without Limitations) and also a conversation partner for international students. Additionally, she owns her own business, a hat brand based off of vision under the name NOISIA. She always has a vision and her goal in life is to pursue it, whatever it may be. Words to describe her would be a mentor, leader, organizer, visionary and entrepreneur.