Eye Dying of the sclera, or cornea of one’s eyes can be rewarding but risky if someone were to practice the procedure. Eyeball tattooing,  as indicated by the Medical Bag, is not a foreign practice. Records indicate it has been seen as far back as 150 AD. Galen, a Roman physician and philosopher, was practicing the procedure, specifically known as corneal tattooing, to hide leucomata (opaque area or scar of the cornea) of the eye. Even though the practice has existed the tattooing of the sclera (whites of the eyes) was not introduced until 2007.  The practice of eye dying can, and should be done in a tattoo shop. The procedure is done with a hypodermic needle and your choice of ink. Articles I have stumbled upon say tattoo ink. Body modifiers interested in the practice have dyed their eyes black, but conflicting medical advice states that the process is irreversible. There is also not a lot of research on the implications the tattooing of your sclera or cornea can do to your eyesight. However, those that have successfully completed the procedure say there is no pain, since there are no nerves in the frontal part of your eye, and that the end result is rewarding and cool.

The practice in my opinion seems justified, if implicated in a sterile environment. Any foreign entity can cause alarm for infection. With this procedure though, there does not seem to be a way to adequately care for the tattoo like other tattoos. The intention of the one’s receiving the eyeball tattoo is for enjoyment. These particular persons feel cool within their sense of community, and probably have peer influences affecting their decisions.  I predict the risk of infection is higher for this particular form of tattooing, but there are risks with everything. My final thought is if it makes you happy, do it. The stigmatization of the procedure is higher than it would be for general tattooing of the skin. I perceive this to be so, due to the lack of education surrounding the procedure, and an undenying wondering of why someone would go through with this procedure. I feel the practice of eyeball tattooing is misunderstood with society, because of the risks. Also, general tattooing is not widely loved by society overall, so an extreme form of tattooing is not going to be accepted.

Ashlyn Brown is currently a student at Old Dominion University majoring in Psychology with a minor in Women’s Studies. She is a thick girl with style and grace who is learning to love herself each day. She enjoys reading, She could create movies in her head all day, along with reality television. She hopes to grow in her understanding the meaning of Bodylore and its commandments. With her growth she intends to help others blossom, while learning the hacks of the life and body. May our journey be a safe and powerful one.