What are WMST 201 students thinking about at the end of the semester? Asked to create a tweet that captured their take away from “Intro to Women’s Studies,” this is what they came up with!

Put down the phone and open a book!

Become more educated about what the feminist movement stands for. It’s more than just equality for women!

Feminism isn’t just what the media portrays it to be. Focus on what’s important and factual!

Embrace who you are! Do not let media define that for you!

Sexual assault happens to everyone, not just women.

Go into things with more of an open mind. Don’t condescend things you don’t understand.

Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights and the belief in the equality of all sexes. #IAmAFeminist

Power hierarchies are real and apply in every day life.

Men and women should have equal pay in the workplace.

Actually take into consideration what feminists are fighting for. Don’t be so one-track minded.

Be a voice for the women who don’t have one. Empower the women you know to stand up for their truth.

We’re all beautiful. Different is beautiful.

The price of having a baby is ridiculous! #WaitUntilImInMyLate20s #OrOlder

Never be afraid to do something others won’t approve of. You are beautiful by your standards and you are capable of getting that job. #WomenAreTheFuture

Feminism is the equality of all people!!! Stop being afraid to speak up for the oppressed and take  stand in what’s right! (yelling emoji)

There are still women out there who are sacred to share their opinion. It is women out there being a voice for women who do not have one.

It’s okay to be a feminist!

We have to be able to accept ourselves before we look for acceptance from others.

Did you guys know that medicaid only covers sterilization procedures and not birth control?

Women Studies has showed me all the problems that women go through that I have been blind to!

Feminism is women’s empowerment, not male hate. #IAmAFeminist

Being a feminist is about taking pride in what you do and what you believe in. #NoHateAllLove #Feminism #ProudFeminist

Being an American woman is powerful. #WeGoThroughALot #TryBeingAWoman #Feminist

Stop telling people not to get raped and start teaching people not to rape!

Take WMST 201 with Dr. Milligan! You may learn a thing or two on feminism. Trust me!


(Ed. note: I promise, I didn’t pay someone to write that last one!)


Do you remember your first Women’s Studies class? What do you still remember from taking it?