For my educational tool I wanted to create a discussion forum to get people talking about black women and their over sexualized bodies. I decided to create a blog to create awareness about my topic. I chose to use Tumblr for my blog due to my experience with the site. The blog is appropriately titled “Miss2MuchBooty”, after the work that I have done over the course of the semester. The blog contains videos, pictures, and blog posts encouraging black women to not fall victim to the pressures of society. The goal of the blog is to promote self-love, and show that it is okay to look exactly the way that you were intended to look. There are no rules, if we as women were made to fit into a cookie cutter we would have come with our own baking sheets as well.

For years now, black women have been thought of as video vixens that fit into society’s dirty little fantasy. The blog was not created with the intention to bash anyone whose body fits the description of a video vixen, but simply to let those of us in the world who don’t that it’s okay. I was sure to include music videos that celebrated both bug booties as well as little booties. In honor of National Send Nudes Day, I decided to tweet from my personal account asking my followers for booty pics. The tweet started off somewhat as a joke, and to my surprise I quickly received pictures. With their consent, I posted some of the more appropriate photos to my blog.

In addition to the music videos, and booty pic submissions “Miss2MuchBooty” also offers healthy alternatives to achieve a round rump rather than plastic surgery. Throughout the class we discussed different topics and how they relate to the body, my topic is about the body itself. I chose this topic with hopes to raise awareness of the negative impact that plastic surgery has on the body. Today, in the media nearly every celebrity and public figure has had plastic surgery. One of the most popular would be butt implants. Women such as Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj, and Blac Chyna to name a few all flaunt their big butts on social media, however none of them share the bad side of the surgeries.

In the media today, plastic surgery seems to be on trend. Plastic surgery is a form of body modifications used to help individuals fix the things that they don’t like about themselves. At one point this was something that was only done by celebrities and the “higher ups” because the procedures are costly. Now that the surgeries have become so popular, more people are starting to have them done. There are many socialites and celebrities who are praised and admired for their bodily features such as Kim Kardashian and her family, as well as Blac Chyna, Lira Galore, and Alexis Sky. Three of these names may not be as recognizable as the Kardashian Klan, however they also have heavy influences on their followers. Blac Chyna for example, is the spitting image of plastic surgery gone too far with the enormous rear end.

Nowadays beauty standards have changed, there has been a norm to sexualize the black woman but now the pressures have increased for black women to be “sexy”. The pressures that are being placed on black women are unbearable. Naturally black women are born with some form of curves, some may stick out more than others but nonetheless it’s genetic. With the popularity of having large breasts, a small waist, and huge bottom being at an all-time high black women are now undergoing major surgeries in order to be accepted. One celebrity who has had the same amount of work done as Blac Chyna, K. Michelle recently had her surgeries reversed by receiving a butt reduction. The R&B singer can be seen interviews referring to her butt implants as “Betsy”. She goes on to explain to interviewers why she made the decision to have her butt implants removed. Her main reason was the pain that having the implants caused. Having a butt of such stature seems appealing to most, but many don’t take into consideration the fact their body has to be able to support all of the additional weight that comes with having it.

I was sure to include a short video of R&B singer K. Michelle shared her personal experiences with plastic surgery. She has always been very open about the work that she’s had done such as breast implants, hip implants, and butt implants twice. During the video she discusses how she had difficulties finding doctors who would remove her implants because they were too scared of the complications. This video is so important to my entire research process because it shines light on the downside to the surgeries. I had a mini discussion with some of my peers, and they all enjoyed my blog overall and agreed with my overarching theme. I am so happy with this blog and would love to continue with this blog after the class.

Reshaé Butler is a 22 year old senior at ODU working toward obtaining her degree in fashion merchandising in Fall 2018. She originally transferred from a private school in NOVA called Marymount University. She currently works at Victoria’s Secret, and is using her time there to learn more about what it takes to be in visual merchandising. Reshaé has spent her entire life in the Hampton Roads area, outside of her one semester at MU and has plans to move much warmer climates soon after graduation.