After a semester of discussing the body, WMST 495/595 students were asked what they would tell someone if they could them only one lesson about the body. Here is a sampling of their answers!


You are never alone in your insecurities regarding your body. Everyone feels some type of way. #allbodiesaregoodbodies #nobodypasses

Everybody is a different form of walking living art. They can be changed, shaped, morphed, tattooed, etc., to help express themselves and make them feel better. Love yourself! You should love your body, no matter what it looks like. You should love yourself, no matter who you are!

Everyone has a stigma attached to them. Your body belongs to YOU and you should love what you have because it makes you who you are!

Everybody is different, there is no standard. Trying to conform can only lead to unhappiness.

Do you, boo boo!! It’s okay to be a size 0 or a 38, just remember you are fierce, smart, brave, and slay in everything. Your body is uniquely yours. A true body rebel is somebody who doesn’t listen to the critics.

Step outside of yourself. It is important to understand others and what will affect them. The body is precious and sacred and should be respected no matter how its packaged or presented.

Bodies matter! Real recognizes real!

Love your body! You only have one and you’re the only one who has it. If you don’t love it, who will? Never compare yourself to anyone else because you are beautiful just the way you are. There’s no such thing as a “bad” body. Society will brainwash you into thinking differently but you are perfect!

Everyone has a body and everyone has feelings about their body. WE should all value our bodies and think twice about the assumptions that we have about our own bodies and especially the bodies of others. #bodiesmatter

All bodies are beautiful, and one should treat them as such. We, as people, should NOT assume someone’s energy, ability, or empowerment based on their weight, age, or skin color. We need to be conscious of our thoughts of labelling with implicit associations. IN order to end the cycle of hate amongst “minority,” “deviant,” and “weird” individuals. Love is powerful. Having minds together creates a sense of trust. The connection of hurt is so strong, yet POWERFUL. Together we can empower a manifestation of CHANGE! #bodylore #powerinnormalcy #notalone

All bodies should be considered amazing because they are capable of many things but especially expression of yourself. Everybody is beautiful and every body is perfect, no matter what!

Embrace your body, let everyone know that they are beautiful. Everyone’s body isn’t the same and we shouldn’t feel we have to be. Love all bodies and booties!

All bodies are bodies; we are all enough; do not bash other bodies. Big or small, learn to love us all! We are one.

Whatever your body is, it is valid. Our insecurities will become our sources of growth. Everything is interconnected; our bodies are incredible and deserve proper treatment.

Your body is fluid on the inside and the outside. Don’t make waves in other’s water.