This semester we discussed many things that related to how the body is represented in the world, and what we see the body as. A common saying that comes to mind when I think of my body is how it is my temple, and should be taken care of. I use to think that only meant my vagina, but I have learned that it is every aspect of my body. The health of it, my hair, how I decorate it with piercings and tattoos, and the things that I do put in it. Because each person’s temple is different and contains various treasures, why does society expect us to treat them all the same. The portrayal of plus size women in media, the clothing limitations that they have, and the insecurities that they instill into people are all disgusting and needs to be change

As a plus size individual in America, there are many stigmas that are attached to you such as being lazy, unhealthy, and unattractive. Plus size individuals are constantly being serotyped and underrepresented in media, even though 70% of Americans are considered overweight or obese, according to a 2014 report from the CDC.

Issues that I constantly see is how plus size women are portrayed in movies and television shows. They are the butt of the jokes, single or mean, or dressed sloppy. They aren’t the main character or the one who gets their love in the end of the movie. Another issue is shopping while plus size. Common plus size stores are very expensive, $ 35 for one shirt is ridiculous. Stores that do sell cheap clothing inventory is usually very limited, and fits horribly. The shirts are not made to fit the plus size body, but just stretched to make it bigger. However, this method leaves clothing being long in the back and short in the front, or really wide across but not long enough.

During fashion week of 2017, Glamour magazine stated that plus size models were only seen 27 times through the week. Aside from fashion week events, plus size models are usually noticed through social medias such as Instagram, or model agencies that solely focus on plus size models. This quite sad because 70% of Americans are considered to be overweight. What’s further disturbing is that in the fashion world, plus size’s start at a size 10.

Being considered plus size, overweight, or obese, can cause a lot of insecurities. Fat shaming also leads individuals to have low self-esteem, eating disorders, and depression. For my first part of my project I did a Facebook survey on insecurities that some plus size women have. Individuals responses included not being able to fit clothes that are supposed to be their size, some didn’t like having to answer questions regarding their weight and stares from people, and the level of underrepresentation in the modeling industry.

Being labeled plus size is not a bad thing, however it is a bad thing to not feel conformable in society because of their skewed perception. I do believe that there are many individuals who have weight problems in America, but every overweight individual does not and shouldn’t be judged for being overweight, in a fast food, GMO filled, work until you die society.

Body positivity is something that needs to be addressed more in mainstream media and fashion. Plus size individuals are ridiculed, bullied, pushed aside, and stereotyped because of their weight. I believe that this is a serious issue in our society because so many people suffer from depression and are bullied because of it.

My second part of the project was the creation a YouTube channel. The goal of this channel is to bring awareness to issues that plus size individuals go through, as well as to provide other plus size women with a video that supports them. My latest two videos simply talk about how 6 beautiful women have lived their lives being plus size as an introduction to the page. I plan to include social experiments and group discussions about being plus size and living life. Topics will not solely focus on being “plus size”, but simply living your life. Traveling, dating, sex, going out, cheating, and just different episodes to discuss how men and women both handle different aspects of their lives.

This project I feel has helped me to become more comfortable and confidant in the woman that I have become. I was able to face my own insecurities and meet some wonderful women along the way. I have accepted the skin that I am in, and no longer feel conformed to have to fit into a world to please anyone else but myself.

Christina Wiggins is a 21 year old Afro-American Queen majoring in Human Services and Women’s Studies at Old Dominion University. She is a first generation college student,  just trying to make it while learning something new everyday.  Her goal in life is to help change the lives of others for the better. Even though though she’s had a few struggles in her life, she knows that they made her stronger and will be the foundation of her bright future.