As WMST 495/595 kicks off for the spring semester, we’re not focusing on the “new year, new you” body resolutions, but instead, as a group of writers, here are our mottos for the spring semester!

  • New year, better me!
  • The show must go on!
  • Strive towards constant growth, take care of yourself, and fuck whoever looks down on you.
  • Get. Shit. Done.
  • Don’t procrastinate!
  • Stay focused and graduate!
  • Always be prepared, no stress!
  • Let go, let God.
  • Finish strong!
  • One day at a time!!!
  • Keep on working, day by day!
  • Just graduate, the end will justify the means!
  • It’s the last semester, so don’t fuck it up! You’ve worked too hard for this!
  • When one door closes, another door opens!

We’ll check in again at the end of the semester, celebrate those who are graduating, and see how our mottos have been achieved or changed!