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Month February 2019

Bodies and Education

“Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions” – Unknown. In my humble, and probably completely biased opinion, teaching is one of the most important jobs in the world. It gives students the knowledge and foundation for them to… Continue Reading →

Women’s Studies and Bodylore

As a Women’s Studies Major, Bodylore is intertwined with my field of study. As I study gender, human rights, ethics and various other topics within Women’s Studies, I know that the body is often a key point to understanding these… Continue Reading →

The Body and Human Services

The human body is regarded as one of the most complex systems on the face of the Earth and is essentially the structure of our entire being, constructed of numerous cells, tissues, and organs the body is something everchanging and… Continue Reading →

The Body and Mental Health Professions

As a person interested in working in the mental health field, as well as a student currently learning about bodylore, I find it extremely important to relate the two together because they go hand in hand. Bodylore is defined as the… Continue Reading →

Blogging about the Body

As writers/bloggers who are trying to get their work published, we often see many of the same topics. Trending news, of course, cooking, life hacks, arts and entertainment, sports, etc. Those who want to write in the realm of women… Continue Reading →

Psychology and the Body

Our bodies and minds are the most valuable thing us humans have to offer the world. They are uniquely complex and intricate. For years humans from far and wide, young and old have seen the body and the mind as… Continue Reading →

The Body and Health Services Administration

Bodylore is a new term for me, but the meaning behind it is very familiar. Bodylore’s tools have been hidden in how we communicate, in culture, social meaning, and how we identify ourselves. In Health Services Administration, many people are… Continue Reading →

Women’s Studies and the Body

Once I graduate, I will be working at The Women’s Counseling Center in Richmond, VA part time talking to patients 10-24 years of age that suffer with internal depression. I do enjoy talking to young girls specifically because they’re at… Continue Reading →

Body and Theater Arts: A Spotlight on Change

To tell a “theatrician” that the body is unimportant would be akin to telling artists that their medium of choice does not matter. The body itself is such a vital tool in what we do as performers, technicians, and general… Continue Reading →

Human Services and the Body

The concept of bodylore is a new one for me. In the human services field we are taught to not even look at the body but look first at the person. Since were on the topic, I learned all my… Continue Reading →

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