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The concept of bodylore is a new one for me. In the human services field we are taught to not even look at the body but look first at the person. Since were on the topic, I learned all my standards of what a woman should look like through social media which, is a very bad habit I have had growing up. In this class, we are talking solely about the study of the body and how it can affect us in our homes, workplace, or just in our daily lives.

When I was growing up, my mother wasn’t big on you should wear this or you should do this to your hair, she allowed me to do what I felt comfortable with and always told me I was beautiful when I needed to hear it. Me being young and playing dress up games on the internet, and looking at what ideal beauty look like I definitely started to second guess am I pretty enough or do I fit in with what the average girl looks like. I was very self-conscious as a little girl because I was always the taller one with big feet. Even taller than most of the guys in my classes. My mom on the other hand notice I started to feel a certain way about me being tall and she would always say “You may have a big forehead, taller than everyone, and have big feet, but you are so beautiful and you could even model.” My mom pushed me to be into a lot of pageants and that made me feel okay about being tall, because everyone that was modeling with me was as tall as I was.

A lot of young girls have trouble with loving themselves because, of what social media is showing them. Social media is like a drug that can become very unhealthy to a young woman mind because, at one point it has gotten to me. Seeing the women that have a thin waist and a big butt, but when you look in the mirror it just does not look the same and you start to feel very down on yourself as a young woman, which you shouldn’t because everyone is beautiful in their own way. What we have to understand the women that are on social media have went through a lot of different surgeries to even achieve the body that they have, and we shouldn’t feel as if we need to compete.

I feel that it isn’t taken seriously because, men love what they love and women will always have in the back of their minds that they are not good enough and they will not be good enough until they have body enchantments, and I use to be one of the few young women that thought the same thing. This could affect the outlook of a younger girl life. A young girl could look in the mirror think she is perfect and nothing is wrong with her until she takes a peak at social media and see what the body is “supposed to look like” this can cause different mental issues for the young girl such as, eating disorders, body dysphoria, and other things that are not needed in a young girl’s life. There are a lot of different eating disorders that young women face during their younger years such as anorexia and bulimia. It hurts my heart to even think about a young girl feeling lesser than what she is because, of society’s way of thinking.

Brionna Bell is a Senior at Old Dominion University and will be graduating in the spring with a B.S in Human Services. She currently works at Food Lion and hates it! She recently got married to her high school sweetheart in April 2018. Brionna has moved throughout the DMV and is now planning to move to Georgia in the summer to start her life. Brionna would like to start her own daycare or wants to become a Psychiatrist for children with mental illnesses.