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Bodylore is a new term for me, but the meaning behind it is very familiar. Bodylore’s tools have been hidden in how we communicate, in culture, social meaning, and how we identify ourselves.

In Health Services Administration, many people are unaware of bodylore. Health Services Administration refers to the process of directing, managing, and planning the distribution of medical treatment to patients. In Health Services Administration body studies may not be seen as important because no one has any knowledge about the subject. I believe that it is important for people in Health Services Administration to know about bodylore to help improve their work environment and how they communicate with others to help promote a positive environment to where guest, employees, and others externally feel comfortable about their skin and themselves in general.

One day, I would like to be a manager of a therapeutic massage facility. I feel like it is important for people to learn about body studies with my job interest, because managing or working in a massage/spa facility you should do everything to make your guest feel comfortable. In a spa, people are going to be 90% naked so I feel like having a “body positive” facility will encourage people to feel more confident and feel one with their bodies just like Cheryl Kerrigan. In the article “Body Image: Massage Creates Healthy Self-connection” talked about a woman named Cheryl Kerrigan who struggled with anorexia along with dysmorphia. She didn’t look at or touch her body because she felt like her body was disgusting. She began to receive massages from her friend Erin Sweeney who runs BodyWise Therapeutic Massagein Waltham. Kerrigan states,“I knew the benefits of massage, but didn’t want to be touched,” Kerrigan says. “The thought of someone touching me [made me think], “Oh, god, she’s touching my fat.” Kerrigan had a hard time when getting her massages at first, but eventually began to feel one with her body. Working in a therapeutic facility you are going to be able to affect others with services to help their bodies feel better, but having more knowledge about bodylore you are able be aware and encourage them to change their mindsets about how they view themselves.

Learning about bodylore may sound easy, but some stumbling blocks for learning about bodies can be hard for people that are stuck in their old ways. Some people can be ignorant about the fundamentals of body studies, because they are still blinded by the norms of society. I believe that no matter what kind of job/ career you go into bodylore can affect how you see and go about life positively.

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LaShawna Gunn is currently a Junior that is majoring in Health Services Administration with a minor in Women’s Studies at Old Dominion University. She’s a small town girl with big expectations. She enjoys learning about the different topics in Women’s Studies. She is excited to learn more about  the understanding of Bodylore and all it’s fundamentals.