Once I graduate, I will be working at The Women’s Counseling Center in Richmond, VA part time talking to patients 10-24 years of age that suffer with internal depression. I do enjoy talking to young girls specifically because they’re at an age where they start to judge what’s around them. Pre-teen years are an odd journey because puberty happens, male interests start to flourish and friendships are beginning to bond. When it comes to the middle/high schools ages girls fill out differently; some girls are more developed while others aren’t and it’s okay. These young girls need to know it’s okay to be who they are. Body image is something that most women suffer from and believe it or not, comparison is a mental drug.  Body love is important because everyone deserves to be genuinely happy without feeling ashamed of who they are; it’s an important aspect to have and should be taken seriously.

I believe bodylore isn’t taken seriously because it has nothing to do with making money or gaining anything beneficial. That’s the hard truth, if it’s not making a company money it’s pretty much irrelevant for anyone unless she/he is a therapist and has a client suffering from such mental thoughts. Having body confidence is a more personal goal to achieve within self. For my future job, thankfully there aren’t many stumbling blocks to uphold but, for corporate, retail, state or law firm jobs it may become an issue. Considering the sexual assault that’s been going on within society more important to have body studies. Women suffer from so much in the workforce and even daily living; it would be nice to have a safe haven for them in order to feel safe.

Being a woman is already an automatic pushback because, she’s a woman. Women has never had any real respect in history and even the world. Women suffer from sexual assault daily and more than half or their rape cases go dismissed because it’s based off ‘he say, she say.’ Most time the male has the hierarchal position so they are going to be defended first before any woman coming to the company or court with allegations due to the fact the company can look bad and because of the “me too” movement. Women are expected not to say anything and keep things moving but, the world shouldn’t have that mindset. If the system changes, women will have more mental peace to attend work along with having self-confidence.

Body studies is also important to have to help women with confidence. Women in general are put to high beauty standards instead of just being happy for who they are. The recommended body frame changes for each generation and comparison comes automatic for women. Women suffer from many bodily functions that are mostly uncontrollable: fatigue, mood swings, bloating, hormonal acne, etc. With so many changes going on within the woman body, confidence and self-love is crucial in order to survive in a world that relies on social media and technology. Bodylore studies should be critical because women are people too.

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Ellen-Christine Harris (Ellen) is finally a senior at the beautiful Old Dominion University! She will be receiving her bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies on May 10th. She loves to write poems, listen to music, as well as having “me time.” You can say she’s a bit of an introvert but, she’s very fun once she’s out of her shell. Cooking is a hobby that she loves to do. It’s very therapeutic for her. She loves to look up and create new recipes to broaden her skills. She also braids hair as a “side hustle.” She taught herself how to braid at the age of four years old, since then she’s perfected her craft and built a clientele in the 757 and 804 areas. She’s always curious to learn new things with an open mind. She’s excited to see what this semester has in store!