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Month March 2019

Gothic Fashion

The gothic subculture is a fairly new subculture in which its members dress in dark, dramatic clothing with pale skin, and dark hair and makeup. This style of dress was inspired by early horror novels and films and has roots… Continue Reading →

Foot Binding

Although not used anymore, foot binding was a way to reshape or modify girls’ feet by tightly binding them so that the feet could be as small as possible while limiting the growth.  This was practiced in China during the… Continue Reading →

Body Piercing

            Body piercing is a method of modifying the body by cutting or puncturing the skin to create an opening in which the person can wear jewelry or implant objects. 1.1History Throughout history there were a number of reasons… Continue Reading →

The Connotation of Breast Size in Animated and Illustrated Media

Animation and illustrated media as a whole are largely based around the intention behind character design and the ways in which these designs may convey different messages. The societal implications behind specific traits have always played a role in what… Continue Reading →


The origins: The history of braids can be traced back to 5000 years ago in the African culture to 3500 BC. Braids where used for signs of societal status, ethnicity, religion, and more just by using classic cornrows, three strand… Continue Reading →

History of Tattooing

Tattooing is a fast-growing art form and type of body modification that puts decoration(s) on the skin by puncturing the flesh with needles and filling it with ink. Typically, they are permanent, but they can also be temporary by applying… Continue Reading →

Correcting Complexion: Skin Bleaching

Photo: Stocksy   A Summary of Skin Bleaching Skin bleaching is the beauty and health practice of using creams, soaps, powders, serums, lotions, pills, injections, and other substances to lighten one’s skin. Skin bleaching is a common practice used all… Continue Reading →

Colorism Within the African-American Community

Colorism is the discrimination based on skin color and or shade. It’s a type of form of prejudice that allows people to be treated differently based on the social aspects of skin color. Colorism within the black community goes overlooked… Continue Reading →

The Power of Makeup

 The term ‘makeup’ can have many different meanings based on the context. Makeup can refer to the physical cosmetics applied to the body, the act of said application, and can often have different connotations from person to person. The beauty… Continue Reading →

Breast Augmentations Breast augmentation also known as “augmentation mammaplasty” or “boob job” is a cosmetic procedure used to insert breast implants, typically silicone or saline underneath a woman’s chest muscles or underneath the breast tissue to increase breast size or enhance… Continue Reading →

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