Body piercing is a method of modifying the body by cutting or puncturing the skin to create an opening in which the person can wear jewelry or implant objects.


Throughout history there were a number of reasons that individuals pierced their bodies, most commonly we seen piercings as a way to display religious systems, cultural practices, and public image. We know that piercings date back as far as 3300 BCE. because Otzi the iceman; the oldest mummified human was found in 1991 with pierced ears. We believe that primitive tribes considered earrings to have magical properties and warded off demons and other bad spirits.

1.2Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians are also some of the oldest humans to be found with stretched earlobes, using piercings to exhibit wealth and status. Certain piercings were restricted to royal families, for example a navel piercing was exclusive to the Pharaoh and anyone caught with caught with their navel pierced would be put to death.

1.3 Ancient Rome

            Women in ancient Rome would dawn earrings to display wealth and power but men who were in the army would have nipple piercings to symbolize their strength, honor, and overall dedication to the Roman Empire. On the other hand gladiators and slaves would have their genitals pierced against their wishes. With these piercings gladiators would be able to pull back their genitalia while in combat and prevented both gladiators and slaves from having sex without their masters permission.

2.1 Issues with piercings

Piercing the body was seen as sinful in Europe during the middle ages so the church decided to ban the practice and it was not until the renaissance that piercing started to come back. Nobility would at least dawn one earring in order to display their wealth and status. Sailors would also wear earrings just in case they were to die at sea; the earrings would provide enough money for them to be buried.

Modern Day piercings

            In today’s society piercings are no longer used to display wealth or status, piercings are generally used for expressing oneself and their individuality. Piercings can also tell a story, some people like to celebrate something or even overcome something. Piercings are also used for pleasure, nipple piercings and genital piercings can be used for both aesthetic and pleasure.


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