The Colorism Myth Buster book breaks down five common misconceptions or prejudices regarding skin color and beauty. With this short Myth Buster book, I wanted to convey a positive message about skin colors and inclusively to the potential reader. I used a combination of illustrations, clip art, and real-life pictured objects to convey a diverse combination of people and products.

The layout of the myth buster book begins with the title page and then carries to the intro. I wanted to include a short introduction explain my intention of the book. “Although great strides have been made to make our world and industries more inclusive, there is still a great stigmatism over darker skin. With this short myth buster book, busting somevery common ugly misconceptions about beautiful skin, I hope to convey the beauty of diversityand the true fact that skin color does not define a person’s success, status, or social standing.” I also included a short definition of the word “colorism” to allow the reader to completely grasp the goal at hand of the myth buster book.

The five myths included in the book are common societal misconceptions about skin tone and color. They vaguely address racism, society’s flaws, research done in children, and faulty marketing. I wanted each page to not only debunk the myth, but have a positive essence to the explanation or de-bunker.

The images I included I wanted to be powerful and also beautiful. I wanted the main theme of colors to be a rainbow of different skin types. I used an Illustration of multiple diverse women, different skin toned emojis, and other interesting images.

In conclusion, I hope this short myth buster book can breakdown and add positive information to harsh and incorrect prejudices. First and foremost, I wanted the main message to be, no one skin is perfect, and skin color has not, will not, and never will define a person of their success.

Haley Saks is a freshman at ODU with an intended major in Psychology and a minor in Women Studies. Her goal for her career is to receive her M.D and become a licensed Psychiatrist. Along with studying Psychology, Haley also see Women’s Studies as an extremely important piece of her education. In understanding the mind and in becoming more socially aware. She is also a member of the Theta Eta chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma on campus and serves as the PHC delegate on the executive board. She is excited for her time at ODU and what is to come after it.