The topic I addressed for my final project was how women can understand their body issues and find confidence in their new breast implantswhether it’s for cosmetic reasons or from the emotional strain of breast cancer. The informational brochure I created is designed to help women from ages 18-45 who lack confidence due to not having the emotional strength to overcome their body image and breast issues.I targeted this age range because I feel this demographic of women are more likely to have confidence and self-esteem issues from body image perception. My informational brochure relates to class because it directly addresses body image from the perspective of breast issues and is designed to be a tool to give women the support and knowledge to function in their own skin.

It’s very important for women to be empowered and possess the strength to have a sense of self because women across the world may not understand that there are coping mechanisms to help them with issues with body image and the way they see themselves. I really hope to have an impact on the mindset of these beautiful women and let them know that they have a support system and society cannot influence the way they feel about themselves.  I do believe that this information will create a conversation among women of all shapes and sizes, because we are all sisters and have a connection.

The emotional journey of having a breast augmentation canbe a quick fix to a woman’s body issues and they may feel that getting implants can solve an emotional illness for body image concerns, but their satisfaction for breast enhancement can fade over time. Therefore, women need to be aware of the risks and understand the psychological and emotional trauma because it can be an underlining problem that may put women in the mindset that they have body image problems from a cosmetic stand point or from a mastectomy and how this results in an overwhelming amount of stress with lack of ability to cope or control their emotions.

Women who seek breast augmentations for vanity reason’s most likely had self-esteem problems that started at a young age during their teenage years and have struggled mentally for years. Also, there may be women who lack the confidence or femininity due to motherhood and feel their breasts or bodies are not what they used to be and have a need to feel sexy again and see themselves in a different light which may cause them to not to be able to function mentally in their sexuality.

The media can play a large role on a women’s perception of themselves and their body image through advertisement and marketing that send false messages to create bias, leaving some women to feel a need for approval and acceptance as well as second guessing what an ideal body image is. They look to find ways to make changes in their appearance to feel good about themselves for personal validation and to gain some satisfaction in the reflection that they believe the mirror projects.This is an inherent danger to women who do not know their self-worth because this idea of beauty or self-worth can be passed on from mothers to daughters who believe in a false sense of what beauty is which can have a lasting effect on young girl. This way of thinking can cause some women to attain emotional scars that make them feel inadequate and grow up with low self-esteem and have perceived issues with their body image that can last for years well into adulthood.

Women across the world seek breast augmentations for many reasons mostly cosmetic and vanity to express the excessiveness of their appearance and to gain the needed confidence that they feel they require to function in their daily lives. Through, there is always a psychologicalcomponent that a woman’s perceived body image can affect their mental state of mind, self-esteem and leave emotional scars that can be invisible to others. This can be a direct reflection on how a woman’s individual experience defines her appearance and have a connection to the femininity she projects.Theway women see themselves may vary depending on the perceptions in the culture in which they belong, because beautyhas been described through various concepts that can affect a woman’s mind, soul and spirit. Some women experience pressures throughout society to strive for the perception of perfect body image and often images such as enhanced breasts can distort the true essence of a woman’s beauty. Many of these same women look to have breast augmentations and other body altering procedures to gain satisfaction in their bodylore because they may lack the ability to understand that self-esteem starts from the inside. I believe women need to have a support system such as someone in their life they can look to for support such as family members, close friends, mentors, counselor or support group.

Women who suffer from body issues will have the ability to heal their mental scars when they understand their own strengths and weaknesses and realize that every woman has anindividual uniqueness. To understand their uniqueness, they must realize that beauty is a state of mind and their exterior image is not what defines them. Once this is understoodthey will then find happiness with their body image.

Nia Cook is a senior at Old Dominion University majoring in Health Services Administration with a minor in Women’s Studies. She is a person who works hard to make a difference in society as well as being a role model for young girls. She also strives to be successful and obtain growth personally and professionally in all her future endeavors.